Friday, 20 August 2021

Ashwagandha Capsules 8000mg - 30 Capsules Stress Fatigue Anxiety Relief Vegan

What is ashwagandha? Ashwagandha is a small evergreen shrub that originates from parts of India, the Middle East and Africa. Its unusual name relates to the way it smells – ashwagandha roots smell like a horse, with ‘ashwa’ meaning horse.1 These tube-like roots are harvested, dried and ground down into a powder.2 The ashwagandha plant is renowned for being one of the most powerful herbs, which spans back thousands of years. As well as being an ancient herb, it’s also known for being an adaptogen - it contains a mix of amino acids, herbs and vitamins that can help the body manage stress. 3 Ashwagandha is frequently referred to as ‘Indian ginseng’ because of its rejuvenating properties, even though botanically, ginseng and ashwagandha aren’t connected to each other. 4 What is ashwagandha extract? Various parts of the ashwagandha plant are used for medicinal purposes, but it’s ashwagandha extract – which is an extract of the plant’s roots – that’s found in most supplements.5 More traditional Ayurvedic treatments use the entire dried root of the ashwagandha plant, which is turned into powder and usually steeped in milk. However, more modern supplements are ashwagandha extracts that are labelled as Withania Somnifera extract. Ashwagandha extracts are more refined than ashwagandha powder and can be created using water or chemicals.6 Summary The ashwagandha plant is one of the most powerful herbs. Various parts of the ashwagandha plant are used for medicinal purposes, with ashwagandha extract mainly being used in supplements.