Friday, 22 March 2019

Himalayan Pink Salt 1kg - Pure and Naturally Organic Food Grade Fine Salt 1KG - £3.80 - Free Delivery

Himalayan Pink Salt Food Grade – Fine Crystals Our Himalayan Pink Salt comes from a salt range located 300km from the Himalayas; its Kosher, Halal and Suitable for Food Use. Our Himalayan Pink Salt Contains 84 trace minerals vital for well-being and a healthy Lifestyle.

What is Himalayan Pink Salt?
Himalayan Pink Salt was formed from ancient water beds millions of years ago which were covered with lava during the formation of the Himalayas. This salt has been insulated from the outside world for a long time and therefore has not picked up any impurities except beneficial minerals and elements from the surrounding rock formation.

How will Himalayan Pink Salt Benefit Me?

1. Sharpen vital brain functions and improve mental clarity.

   2. Increases hydration, Lowers blood pressure and Improves circulation.

3. Helps Prevent muscle cramping, Helps the intestines absorb nutrients and Strengthen bones.

 4. Anti-ageing Effects; rids the body of acidic wastes that cause skin degeneration.